1. WSolution introduces Online Merchant

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      WSolution hosts on its own dedicated servers with NTT Communications, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

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      Cost Efficient

      Staying price competitive is our key for success. We provides top-notch products and services with just a fraction of what the others are charging.

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      We are based in Asia with a global vision. Our understanding of the regional business needs enabled us to provide the most suitable services.

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      We provide one stop total solution to our clients. From Inventory Management to Listing Automation, Online Promotion to Customer Relation, we have got everything taken care of.

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      Who are we

      WSolution is a leading provider of eCommerce software and services that help merchants grow their online business. Our turnkey product: Online Merchant allows merchants to centralize their inventory, manage their entire sales cycle, and leverage productivity-enhancing applications on one integrated platform. In short, we have the right tools and technology to increase traffic and online revenues.

      "Even among people who shop online, more than 90 percent of their spending is done offline. So e-commerce has a lot of upside ahead."
      ~ Gian Fulgoni    

      Our Team

      Over the years, we have gathered a team of developers that has strong domain experience and are experts in their own field, whether it may be development, design, analysis, QA and Marketing.

      Design is creativity with strategy.
      ?? Rob Curedale
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